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Custom Campaigns built by Murm "Kuma" Von Styles using source SDK (Hammer World Editor)


The Dark Tower 1 The Gunslinger

***THIS VERSION 1.99 HAS BEEN UPDATED - 04/08/2017***

A tribute to Stephen King's Epic Series The Dark Tower: Book 1 The Gunslinger 7 maps Actual current version 1.99 Finale reworked...everything should work now, thanks for Playing...and thanks to Stephen King for creating inspiring material...and not suing :D Don't forget to try VS...I put in some sneaky spots.. If you are a real Gunslinger try the Pistols Only PRO edition. (I'll post soon)
The fans of the series seem to appreciate this campaign and the effort that went into it, thank you, your kind words make it worth while...I did it for you guys. 



- I did not get much testing done on this version, please let me know if you find bugs, I'll work on them.

- Enjoy the campaign, enjoy the movie, enjoy the books :D


Innes Road Rash

Featuring Original Music by my bro's band Black Market Candy ' My Baby'. My first campaign, reworked and updated.

Survivors travel to East-end Ottawa to help Ellis' online friend 'Jaininja' escape, only to find him dead in his holdup on the 8th floor. Now the survivors must travel down Innes Road through Pineview and Summon a rescue at the end of the pedestrian overpass.

BASED on the hoods me an my crew grew up in. Blackburn Whut! Pineview Represent!!! lev 4 safe house will never be safe, I wanted 1 safe house that wasn't safe. Because not all rest stops would be safe. 

Uploaded to workshop finally after several requests Latest version (2.9) This version may not be stable, I had to install manually but I also have the Christmas Edition installed. If you have any trouble installing manually copy/paste to the l4d2 addons folder. I expect there may be several bugs in this version. I noticed the floating objects near the safehouse in lev 3 (ammo, weapons, kets etc) I dont know the source of this and they do not exist in the map. Feel free to comment with any other issues.

**The Screenshots above are from previous versions before major updates**
You can try the Christmas Edition here:

*** This campaign was built several years ago and there have been changes to many of the areas reresented int his campaign. This campaign is set in east end Ottawa around 2009-2010. Blair station is currently under construction to accomodate a Light Rail System***


Ottawa Rock City

Set in Ottawa, based on no particlar locations
This Campaign will bridge Innes Road Road Rash (my first campaign)  and MTL Gone to Hell (Planned not built) Version 1.9 Last update 24/08/2014.

Mini-Sequel to Innes Road Rash...featuring local talent Static Revolt, Boogaloo Trybe and Black Market Candy. Set in Ottawa...based on no particular locations, BECAUSE ALL MUSIC USED IN THIS CAMPAIGN WAS PRODUCED BY ARTISTS FROM OTTAWA, THIS CAMPAIGN PROMOTES THESE ACTS!
Permission was granted from the respective artists for the custom music used in this campaign.

Complete but not final, Check changelogs for update info and planned updates. Turn on Hints to have an easier time navigating through this and I imagine all other custom campaigns.