We're back baby we're back!!!

It's been a long, long time.
Murm Von Styles here. I haven't wrote a blog or focused on ITP in a very long time.  I originally closed the doors on ITP in 2011 after a 3 year run. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to do. After spending a year searching for work in Ottawa I relocated to Montreal Quebec. We briefly returned around 2012 as PheonixComix.com. This venture was short lived and closed in 2013-14. I decided to lay low for a while and run the corporate rat race to pay the bills. I continued to work on my own projects until late 2016 when my good friend Jamie Lance decided to Author a book of his horror reviews. You may remember some of these being hosted on the old site www.ITPStudio.com as Jai's Reviews. Jamie's new book is titled 'Art Of Horror Vol. 1' and will feature art donated by myself, my cousin Kaylie Seaver and other local artists as well as a few artists from around the globe.

This project has come together very quickly with the help of a lot of talented and generous people. Being that I am helping with the media campaign and establishing the web presence of this book and the brand, it felt like the right time to bring back ITP's web presence as well.

The idea behind ITP has changed slightly from the first incarnation. Originally ITP was intended to be a label to unite associated artists. Being that the associated artists and other talent never really performed or submitted content the idea failed, and thus the company failed. The new vision for ITP is to no longer associate artists but rather be the vehicle and the brand for all of my creative endeavors. Any associates and talent that decide to contribute and participate are welcome, but dont expect much outside of content created by or involving Murm Von Styles.

If you've been around for while, thanks for hangin in there, if you're just finding us now, stick around, there's a lot of stuff coming! 

Murm Von Styles

Traditional Art, Drawing, Painting, 3d Modelling, 3d Animation, Compositing, Digital Ink & Painting



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